Customized PVC USB Memory Sticks Gifts for Australia Rutherford Group

Customized PVC USB Memory Sticks Gifts for Australia Rutherford Group

This Customized USB memory sticks is produced by opening mold, use environment friendly PVC material with multicolor combination.On the top have a keychain design, can be together with car keys, very simpy to take along. On usb body can show company name,trademark, website or advertising words in different position. It is a lovely bespoke gift/giveaway.

Customized PVC USB Memory Sticks Gifts for Australia Rutherford Group

Australia world class electrical products and services company "The Rutherford Group" customized mascot USB flash drive as corporate gift at electric power expo

Rutherford Global Power is the leading provider of temporary electrical solutions for Resources and Infrastructure projects on a global basis. This involves the Hire and Sale of Substations, Switchrooms, DCB’s, HVDB’s, Section Isolators, Transformers, Generators and Cables as well as the associated activities. The current fleet has approximately two thousand items of equipment.

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