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Why the usb flash drive made by YOUSAN is the best?

  Why the usb flash drive made by YOUSAN is the best?

  Warranty Period

  We privode 5 years warranty to customers with grade A chipsets, and  one year warranty with UDP chipsets, All usb products from YOUSAN company will be tested 3 times before shipment, so the defective rate is very very small. Besides, we provide 3‰ spare products for every order free of charge.

  How do i provide the warranty to customers?

  You had better check wheather the pakaing is complete when you receive the order,we usually package the usb goods very pefect after finished this order,when you find the pakaging that was broken,we suggest that you check the quantity,if you find the product have problems or the number is not enough,you can tell us the problem number or the lack of the number,we will sent to you next order.

  Warranty conditions:

  1. As long as the products are from our YOUSAN company, we provide unconditional warranty.

  2. Because the shipping cost is expensive, so we don't require the defective products to be sent back to us, we will ship out new ones to replace together with client's next order.

  3. If out of warranty period, our factory still provide maintenance free of charge, but clients need to afford the extra cost.

  4. If the products are not from YOUSAN company, we can also provide maintenance, clients need to afford all cost.

  Extra charge conditions:

  1. Products which are not from YOUSAN company.

  2. Out of warranty period.

  3. Change shells.

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